Covering Sliding Glass Doors and French Glass Doors 101

Covering Sliding Glass Doors and French Glass Doors 101

Sliding Glass Doors and French Glass Doors can be very tricky to cover. They may open either in or out, slide on top of one another or bi-fold and open up completely to the outdoors.  I often hear, “I  have absolutely no idea of what to do with this.” Adding to the confusion are the obstacles you may encounter. Handles often stick out, sunlight may blare in every afternoon or morning, you may be in desperate need of privacy, or you may have furniture that needs to stay where it is near the doors, which could impact your choices. To complicate this further, the doors that give you the problems, may lead to the best part of your home and why you chose the home in the first place. A beautiful backyard, screened in porch or house with an awesome view are most often the case with these doors.  In several of the homes that I have lived in this was the case. Sliding glass doors in my homes have led out to a pool, screened in porch and to the beautiful lake I once lived on. You may want these door coverings to not only function by adding privacy and saving energy, but to show the view or highlight your personal style.

Thankfully there are so many options today and we have them all!

When deciding on what door coverings to use, begin by thinking about your needs. What does your door covering need to do- save energy, create privacy, draw your eye outdoors, create a fashion statement?  Answer that question and then look through the options that would work to solve those needs.

If for instance, you love the look of shutters, you can have them for your doors as well! In the case of glass French doors, the shutters can be customized and added to become part of the door. Cutouts can be added for door knobs and handles! This creates a beautiful custom look for your doors and for the room as well!


Drapery is always a beautiful option for sliding doors. If you are looking for a more earthy, natural option in drapes, Averte’ are actual drapes made from natural materials (see above). These drapes are beautiful and unique and you can rest assured that everyone on the block will not have the same thing as you. They are as customizable as regular fabric drapes and can fit in with any décor.

Speaking of drapes, one of the neatest options available would have to be SmartDrapes by Norman. These beautiful drapes are very special and unique. They are made up of individual veins like vertical blinds, but they look like drapes when put together. The individual veins are made of draped fabric that can be removed individually as needed and washed in the washing machine! They come in many fabric colors and patterns and can be either light filtering or room darkening. Incidentally, they look great in a room that also has PerfectSheer Shades, by Norman. There really is only one way to show you the uniqueness of this product and that is to see how it works.

SmartDrape™ from Norman® from Norman USA on Vimeo.

Sliding panels are yet another option and come in many different fabric and color options. They can be customized to fit perfectly in any style home and give a unique and modern vibe. They can be made to open on the left or the right or to split down the middle. Using roller shades on the other windows in the room are an excellent way to tie it all together.


If energy efficiency is your main goal, vertical cellular shades are the way to go. They come in many beautiful colors and patterns and will not only help you on your energy bills, but will also look beautiful. They would tie in nicely with horizontal cellular shades used in other windows in the same room.

If a classical and timeless look is what you are after. Vertical blinds have come a long way and we carry the best. The veins can be covered in fabric and come in several different styles.

I hope this has given you an idea to what is available out there. Remember, start with what your needs are and go from there. Remember Made in The Shade of St Johns Florida is here to help! 904-999-1481.