Natural Woven Shades 101

Are you looking for window treatments that “warm” your space, (Floridians- I’m not talking temperature). Do you want your home to feel more welcoming? If so, Natural Shades, sometimes known as Woven Shades, may be just what you are looking for.

Woven Shades are made of natural materials such as reeds, bamboo, jute and grasses. This makes this an appealing option for “green conscious” people. Going green is thankfully, a trend that is not going away. Natural shades are made of carefully harvested and renewable resources. These materials can be made into roller shades, Roman shades and even vertical drapes for use on sliding doors, French doors and windows. Woven Naturals help to achieve a warm and welcoming space. The natural material of used in woven shades provides texture and beauty and can help to define your space.

Woven Shades are versatile, giving you the option of adding fabric/liner to either filter the light or block out light.  In addition, a backing can enhance the look of the weave of the shade and accent the texture by providing more contrast.  There is also the option of not using a filter at all allowing natural light to filter into a room.

Natural shades also come in a unique, vertical option as seen below. These natural drapes are beautiful and come in a wide variety of natural fabrics. They can have liners added as well, for added light filtering or light blocking. They look stunning in a room with other natural shades, as seen in the picture below with coordinating Roman Shades. This photo illustrates how natural shades can even help to make a cityscape, look warm and inviting.

Some natural shades come with top-down/bottom-up operating systems, which allows for privacy at the bottom of the window while the top is open and captures the desired light at the right time of the day. This option is often desirable for homes that have a beautiful view, but want the option of privacy when it is needed.

Because of the nature of naturals, no two will be identical . The real beauty in these window treatments comes from the imperfections in the material which give it that one of a kind, natural and imperfect look as you see in the natural world. Natural shades can be personalized by adding liners to filter light or to add desired privacy. Filters can be combined with embellishments of decorative tapes or valances creating a look that is unique to you.

Naturals Shades will look great in just about any home that wants to create a warm, cozy or comforting vibe. They truly help to “bring the outdoors in.” Naturals look great in a modern home as well as in a traditional Victorian home.  Naturals in a beach or farm home are almost a must have and look fantastic with shutters or wood blinds.  Although they are probably not the correct choice for achieving an industrial or more sterile look, they can work in almost any other home.

Choosing to do all natural shades, or combining with other window treatments can drastically change the feel or vibe that a room has. You may want to combine naturals with other window treatments or do your entire home in natural shades. Either way, the addition of naturals to your home will help create a warm and welcoming feeling. If this is what you are looking for naturals are for you!


On the flip side, if you desire uniformity and perfection, these window treatments may not be for you. Or if you are the type of person who likes to see exactly what you are going to get, this may not get you close enough to what you are looking for. When you look at pictures or see samples, there will inevitably be some variation within the materials. Natural materials should be loved for their imperfections and variations. If you don’t love this, then another window treatment is probably better for you.

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