Recently Purchased A New Home, Or About To? READ THIS FIRST



Well, you have done it, (or maybe just about to)…


You have finally found your Dream Home! It’s absolutely perfect!

The layout is exactly what you were looking for AND it is in the perfect location! The days are long and busy as you eagerly anticipate your closing date, but have you thought of everything?

You have ordered new furniture, picked out paint colors and even bought new bedding, so all-set right? Well, maybe not.

More often than expected, windows are forgotten, or are put on the, “I’ll do it later” list.

Don’t feel too bad, as most people grossly underestimate the importance of window coverings for function, privacy and beauty and forget to purchase, budget, or even think about them.

I have had MANY clients tell me that they did not plan ahead or budget for window treatments, only to move into a new home with existing treatments that are hideous, or do not function or reflect their personal style. Worse case scenario, and I must admit this happened to me, you move into a brand-new house without a thought to the windows and find that you are living in a fishbowl….

Your suddenly realize that your neighbors are seeing WAY too much of you and your family!

You thought it seemed like more than a coincidence when a neighbor asked you what you thought about the show you were just watching on television, but you knew it for sure when another asked if you “happened to know” of any good lasagna recipes, (you and your family just devoured the lasagna you made the night before).

So here you are…

You have no privacy, the sun blares in and causes everything to feel hot in your home (including you), AND you cannot sleep past dawn because the light hits you right in the eyes, way too early…

Now what?

Call Made in the Shade of St Johns Florida at 904-999-1481.

We will come to your home and measure with precise laser measurements, getting the best professional fit, and help you choose the perfect window treatments for your home, within your budget and to your taste. We will show you fabrics, samples and materials in your own space allowing you to see how the light, furniture and décor of your home will work together. If you choose to, we will put up COMPLEMENTARY temporary blinds, to get you to the day that your beautiful window treatments are installed. We will be that one stop shop for you and your windows AND if you want to go a step further… we can also offer wallpapers, Tableaux Grilles and other décor for your home.


So, if living in a fishbowl doesn’t appeal, give us a call and we will help you with all your window needs!

*If you are lucky enough to be reading this and have not yet closed on your home, give us a call now!

If you are living at a different location (another state or country), now is the perfect time to begin the selection process. We will send you catalogs, information, videos and samples to your home to help you with your selection, so that when you close on your home, you are that much closer to having your beautiful window treatments installed.



And yes, we can help you with your outdoor shades too!


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